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"Dot Com will change the way we communicate with children around the world"
Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa


"Our children love this programme and it adds real value to their lives. I am continuing with it for next year hence the order. Your website looks amazing!"
Sharon Cohen, Eglington Primary school, Greenwich


"We had concerns that we weren't addressing the reasons for domestic violence occurring and we decided we wanted to look at relationships and families rather than look at it as a policing issue. If we want change it really has to start with children and young people and we wanted a programme that empowered children and young people to talk about the issue and understand it and for teachers and schools to support them. We really feel that the Values Versus Violence programme does this."
Dwynwen Stepien, Head of Early Intervention and Families.


"Woodside Partnership of Schools introduced this as a pilot project for Croydon last year. Woodside Primary School were impressed with the thoughts of the children and found that they were empowered as a result of participating in the programme. Furthermore, their self esteem and vocabulary grew beacuse they had an opportunity to express their own values and the values of their families. Our hope is that this programe will help them to further develop their emotional intelligence and feel confident to express their values."
Claire Howarth, Executive Head teacher, Woodside Primary School


"I am pleased to support the Values Versus Violence programme. This important scheme encourages early intervention to prevent violence and benefits schools, pupils and parents"
Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker


"Policing can only be effective with the full support of the public. The more confident and law abiding everyone is the safer our communities are. Our young people are our future and we need to invest in them if they are to have the ability to create ever safer and more enjoyable communities. The Association of Chief Police Officers is committed to building the confidence of young people and creating positive relationships with them by helping to inform them about the dangers and risks of crime, reassuring young victims and working to reduce the severity of youth crime. The and Watch Over Me programmes assist in these areas and ACPO helps to bring the benefits to young people across the country."
ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde


"The Values vs Violence programme will play a vital role in helping to safeguard children from sexual and other forms of exploitation. The programme aims to develop personal values and help children lead safer lives. This initiative is aimed at primary school children and will equip them with valuable resilience skills before they reach their teenage years. Education and awareness are key elements of the Force preventative work around Child Sexual Exploitation. We are joint funding the programme with Oxfordshire County Council and I am very pleased that this will be delivered in primary schools across the City of Oxford. Local neighbourhood and schools officers will be directly involved in supporting the delivery. This is an exciting project with a proven track record of making a difference"
Sara Thornton CBE QPM Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police. PCC West Midlands Police.


"In May 2013 Ofsted detailed in their recent report ‘Not yet good enough: personal, social, health and economic education in schools’ that – ‘In just under half of the schools, pupils learnt how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations, but not all had practised negotiating risky situations ...’ Dorothy.Com certainly met this finding. Have a go, you’ll be hooked."
Hazel Pulley Head Teacher & Ofsted Inspector Parkfield Community School



  • The Dot Com Values programme is supported by the Home Office.
  • The LAR journal was also recognised for a road safety award by HRH Prince Michael of Kent, Patron for The Commission for Global Road Safety.
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Case Studies

Safety education is delivered St Clement's Church of England Academy through the Values Versus Violence

“Pupils are unfailingly polite, articulate and friendly, and they behave well in lessons and around the school. They confirm that they feel safe and secure, and that bullying is rare and dealt with quickly. Pupils from widely varying backgrounds relate well to each other and their behaviour is appropriate. Those facing challenges in their lives are well supported, for example through the pastoral leader and learning mentor who provide them with opportunities to talk about their concerns and develop ways to cope with their difficulties. Pupils report that they value being taught about how to deal with the anti-social behaviour, gang culture, knife and gun crime that exists in some of their local neighbourhoods. The academy does not shy away from confronting these issues and adopts a proactive approach. Positive role models are used to reinforce high standards of behaviour and to help pupils understand how to deal with difficulties that they may meet, including in relation to the safe use of the internet and social networking sites. Attendance is now in line with the national average and has improved considerably because of the good range of strategies to promote better attendance.”
Jacqueline Wordsworth Her Majesty’s Inspector Ofsted.